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June 2022 Tarotscopes

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Happy Summer Fire Signs! It looks like you will soon be challenged with breaking away from energy that's holding you back. The King of Wands reversed shows that you're viewing the obstacles you've faced as weight holding you down rather than lessons to lift you up. This may be reflected in impulse decisions rooted in fear.

So this month calls for old fashioned Ace of Cups self-care and self-compassion. Take some time to reflect, slow down, and refill your cup. Reflect on why you may be choosing to stay down instead of rising up. Maybe you're choosing to ignore all that you've accomplished or maybe you're downplaying your wins because you don't feel worthy. Explore these feelings and come to a deeper understanding with yourself to allow the universe to gift you a new sense of love and appreciation for yourself. The 6 of Wands is here to highlight the fact that you're always winning. You are always victorious and it's up to you to recognize how deserving you are of these wins!

Be patient with yourself going forward. Recognition of your wins start with belief in yourself and belief that you are capable. Appreciate the journey of all these different paths and obstacles and trust that your decisions are ultimately building the confidence you need. It' s time to reconnect with your inner fire and embrace the creative confidence your sign so proudly wears.

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

This month will prove challenging as you pull yourself out of a gloomy current that’s causing you to only focus on the negatives in your current situation Earth Signs. The concept of impermanence is an important lesson for you to learn in this life time and is showing up a lot for you these days.

The 5 of Cups begins this reading to let you know that it’s okay to be sad, its okay to handle it in the way that make sense for you, but in order for you to move forward you have to be kind to yourself throughout the grieving process. This card is guiding you towards making the conscious decision to acknowledge your feelings rather than wallow in them, as there is a great distinction. It seems that in your current state, you've been ignoring or not recognizing the support that is all around you that may actually be beneficial to your healing during this tough time. The 6 of pentacles bears a message to let others be there for you, as you are for them. You are never alone, and opening the flow of reciprocity that is giving and receiving will be crucial to your healing.

The Sun reversed is one of the only cards in Tarot that has the same meaning upright and reversed, which is JOY. Its advice for you Earth Signs, is to take a second to reflect on and celebrate just how far you have come in this life. Appreciate and accept where you are in the present because each moment is fleeting. Remember that when dealing with pain & obstacles, and dealing with joy & success, nothing lasts forever and honestly, that's the beauty of life. Once you start accepting the present moment for what it is, a new sense of clarity and understanding will emerge helping you to embrace all obstacles.

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air Signs, your main focus this month should be on release and accepting yourself for exactly who you are. It seems that you are not currently embracing all parts of yourself and allowing self-criticism to prevail over your decision making.

Judgement enters this reading with a message of awakening. Awakening and release go hand in hand. As we release things and ways of thinking that no longer serve us, we make room for new things and thought processes we haven't yet considered. It seems that up until this point, you've been allowing for the assumptions of others to sway your own opinion and giving away your gift of choice. You may be basking in your pity party right now Air Signs, ignoring the Lovers card who is offering this wakeup call. Will you live for yourself and choose to return to love, or will you continue living in the shadow of who you "think" others want you to be?

You may be standing in your own way right now, but remember that you can always call upon the assistance of The Chariot to help with forward momentum. This momentum will help you move further in the journey towards being your authentic self without feeling guilt, resentment or shame. It will help you address this wake up call with the intention of advancing and putting your energy towards personal growth & make room for your confidence to bloom, your intuition to become clear, and the judgments of others to fade as background noise.

Your affirmation this month is : "Energy flows where my focus goes." So try to make a habit of taking action when you're inspired, not when you feel forced into it, & keep in mind that the universe is always by your side, helping you every step of the way. As you continue to set your intentions and put your energy into what brings you joy, you'll begin to feel the heaviness of judgement melt away.

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

You're probably feeling abundant in every single way this month Water Signs and that is SO beautiful. The King of Pentacles appeared to signify the stability, abundance, and groundedness that currently surrounds you. It's clear that you're driven in your goals, but there's a sign of over-indulgence & you may be being too hard on yourself when it comes to seeing success.

Maybe you're choosing to only see financial or tangible wealth as the measurement of your happiness right now. The Star unveils a possible disconnection from the Divine or a lack of faith in the universe's ability to support you. As you experience the abundance of the King of Pentacles, you may begin to enter into the bounds of overindulgence as you place heavy significance on the tangible aspects of success. Let me explain, overindulgence in any way can be a sign of imbalance due to a scarcity mindset. The idea that you have to use it quickly before it's all gone is not in line with the TRUTH that abundance will always surround you. The Star reminds you to have faith that abundance is your birth right and ask you to bring yourself back to a state of balance and moderation, trusting that it will always be there.

Although you may be apprehensive about the decisions you make, or lacking confidence and trust in yourself, it will be extremely important for you to avoid making decisions out of fear. It's okay to be vulnerable as long as you have unwavering trust in moments of fear and make a move regardless of those doubts. Stop searching outside of yourself for the answers. Look within, tap back into the source and follow your gut even if it's uncomfortable to find your way back to full abundance.

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