"Be yourself, the world will adjust"

Rob Hill Sr.

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Cedez Tarot creates, curates & promotes Tarot as a tool for self-healing, spiritual alignment & embodiment of your most authentic self. 

We create small batch, reiki infused herbal products inspired by Tarot Cards, that meld the physical and spiritual properties of chosen herbs with the essence of the cards they’re named after. 

We curate tarot decks, books & healing products to support you on your spiritual journey. We intentionally select products that are:

-Ethically Sourced

-Locally Made

-Inclusive & Representative of LGBTQQIA+ & BIPOC Communities

-Items that we deeply resonate with

We promote using Tarot to tap into your intuition to better connect with your inner guidance system & to remove the stigma around Tarot being “evil.”



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